Reboot with Real Foods Program

This program will change your life!!

It is ideal for people that don’t just WANT to be healthier (or lose weight) but have DECIDED that they are going to do what it takes to make it happen!

The best way to assess whether this program is a good fit for you is with a consultation call. It will be an in-depth look at what you are doing and what kind of changes you can make.

This call is an hour of coaching ūüôā

Here’s what Nina had to say after her consultation call:

It was great connecting with Justine. She taught me that it‚Äôs okay to eat my favorite fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth. They will be much better to consume than all the other processed and ‚Äúfake‚ÄĚ healthy foods. She also gave me 1 simple tip to keep me from overeating and preventing me from gaining extra weight. She was very knowledgeable, understanding, and non-judgemental. It was a pleasure learning all the ways to incorporate good nutrition and healthy living into my life!

If you want to hear about how the program works and what is involved Рand what kind of results you can expect Рcheck out the video with Catherine, one of the graduates of the Reboot with Real Foods Program. 

Real Life Results

“The Reboot with Real Foods program is a shining star for me. This program allows me to achieve results¬†without intense sacrifice. For me, Reboot with Real Foods in a simple, refreshing and delicious view into¬†all the wonderful foods we can eat for optimal health and it falls easily into my lifestyle.

Persistent cravings were forever lurking around the next corner, ready to pounce and hijack every last one of my good intentions, planning and investment in my quest for a healthier me. I always thought it was my lack of willpower which would derail my best efforts. I often felt out of control which was extremely disempowering. Reboot with Real Foods and the ever-present support from Justine has taught me otherwise which is a magnificent step towards my health and fitness goals.

With the proper amount of quality nutrients provided through whole plant-based foods, my body receives only what it needs for incredible performance. The cravings are gone and I no longer endure what I always interpreted as a lack of self control. My malfunctioning signalling system used to set off unmanageable cravings and false hunger cues. Now my system is working properly and it delivers the true cues for what my body needs.

The program is super easy to follow, the food is incredibly tasty and I am always satiated with the abundance of whole plant-based foods I can eat. It was easy to adjust the recipes to fit into hectic days which contributed to my success. An unusual work week or unexpected events in my life were once reasons to set me off track however those obstacles have also been removed from my world.

Thank you for teaching me that to reach optimal health, it is not the monumental and nearly¬†unachievable task that I once believed it was. Eat well and the rest fits nicely into place.”


“Justine takes great care in adapting her program to you.¬† Finding out what you like, dislike, your knowledge of cooking, even your technology comfort level.¬† She is a great support and teacher.¬† I feel like she taught me how to cook in many ways. She’ll even adapt your favorites for you and find healthier ways to prepare them!
I’ve never cared much for vegetables. I never thought being a vegetarian or vegan were even possibilities for me – I’d just end up eating bread all the time. She has me eating vegetables, cooking, and eating very little animal products.¬† I have shifted to the new food pyramid and am eating mostly fruits and vegetables.¬† She’s¬†amazing.”

“Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I didn’t know I could eat so much fresh food and enjoy it so much. I feel GOOD. Your informative video guidance was fantastic and comforting, and I loved the routine you set us up with.

Energy has been the best I’ve had in a long time! Thanks so much for this program – lots of veggies I never really bought before have become accessible in your delicious and creative recipes.”


“You are helping me by encouraging me to find what tastes good to me rather than force myself to eat something because I made it and it is healthy and it shouldn’t go to waste. I know this is key to me continuing this after our time together is over.”