What Supplements Should You Be Taking

I am a junkie when it comes to books, documentaries, webinars about healthy eating. This has its pros and cons.I know an awful lot about the topic but… I sometimes loose my perspective and get sucked into extremes. A few months ago I was watching a particular series of talks given by someone who [...]

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It Really Can Just ‘Melt Off’

I was convinced that there was something wrong with me. I tried everything.  Here’s what a typical 'diet' day would look like. Everything I did was strict and regimented. Breakfast: Poached egg without a trace of fat anywhere near it with exactly one serving of blueberries. On gym mornings I would also have a [...]

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Why You Should Keep Going

When it comes to making a breakthrough into eating for optimal health on an evidence-based diet, most people give up and decide it doesn’t work for them just when things are about to start getting a whole lot easier. To illustrate what I mean - I’m going to tell a story about skiing, cross [...]

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