The Lunchbox Challenge: Goodbye Boring, Gross & Unhealthy

Master the simple strategy of always having a delicious, nutritious lunch so you can rock your afternoon with productivity, a serene good mood and transition seamlessly into the whirlwind of after school/work activities and dinner hour.

In this 5-Day Challenge you will discover how to:

  • Make lunches that will give you energy all afternoon and make you immune to the siren calls of the sugary snack and mid-afternoon I-wish-I-could-have-a-nap slump
  • Prep in advance so you are good for your ENTIRE week
  • Load your lunches with superfoods that boost your health and taste delicious
  • Use a simple strategy so you will NEVER be stumped for a lunch idea again

Join us for the 5-day Lunchbox Strategy

Never again find yourself having to eat crap for lunch that you don’t even really like AND you know is going to show up on the scale.

Save money: no more having to buy your lunch, no more mid-afternoon treat runs, no more rotting good intentions in the bottom of your fridge. 

In this challenge you’ll be learning how to set this up so that you will spend less than 5 minutes a day prepping your lunch.

Imagine what it would feel like if your afternoon was your MOST PRODUCTIVE time – if  every day, after lunch, you could feel full of energy, ready to tackle anything?

What if you didn’t have any cravings that ambushed you mid-afternoon? What if you didn’t find yourself fantasizing about a nap? What if you didn’t feel frazzled, stressed and grumpy at the end of the afternoon?

What you eat for lunch can MAKE THIS A REALITY. And it is so much easier than you think!