The only time I have ever been knocked out under full anesthetic was when I was 16 and I got my wisdom teeth out. They gave me a choice – I could have it done with lots of freezing or I could sleep through the whole thing.

It was a no-brainer for me. I choose the anesthetic route. Just wake me up when it is done, thank you very much.

Have you ever been under general anesthetic? It is the strangest feeling. As I lay there before the surgery, in my hospital  gown with all the bright lights blaring down on me, I was totally convinced that for some reason the drugs wouldn’t work on me, and – the worst part, the doctors wouldn’t realize that it wasn’t working. They’d release the magic into my IV to make me sleep, assume it was all working, and crack straight into digging out my teeth. I imagined myself trying to communicate to them, ‘Wait! I’m still awake.’ But nobody would be paying attention.

So when the anesthetist, who was really just a pair of eyes over a mask that I could only see from the corner of my eye, asked me to start counting backwards, I did so, to humour him – but I was fully prepared to advocate for myself when it all went to hell in a hand basket.

I felt myself starting to drift off. But within a few seconds BOOM – I was awake again. It was my worst nightmare. I struggled through the haze to let them know – STOP THE SHOW!! I am awake.

When I finally pried my eyes open, sure enough, there was the anesthetist leaning over me. It was a little strange that he had this huge grin on his face. It took awhile for my groggy brain to connect the dots on why this was strange. Of course. I should not have been able to see his grin – he should have been wearing a mask. This was an OR. What the hell was going on?

And then I realized that my jaw hurt. And there was a weird and very unpleasant taste in my mouth.

The anesthetic had worked after all. Turns out – it wasn’t like going to sleep and then waking up where you have some concept that time has past. It really felt to me as though I had only shut my eyes for a few seconds.

But there was that grinning anesthetist. What WAS he doing there?

When he saw that I was awake enough to be able to focus on him, his grin got (impossibly) even wider. “I just had to come in and tell you,” he said. “You have the smallest nostrils I have ever seen! Ever!” he emphasized.

I think even without drugs making me feel totally dazed I would have had no idea what to say to that! I tried to give a slight smile but that part of my face was feeling pretty dysfunctional so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t successful.

“We could hardly get the oxygen in there. I have NEVER seen THAT before.” He was dancing from foot to foot as though this information was too exciting (or funny?) to deliver standing still. “Ever,” he said again.

You are probably wondering what on earth this story could have to do with eating to optimize your health.

I went into that wisdom teeth extraction experience absolutely convinced that there was something uniquely wrong with me – that even though general anesthetic worked on EVERYONE else – it wouldn’t work on me.

When I first started exploring the incredible automatic connection between eating to optimize your health and losing weight effortlessly -without an epic battle with deprivation – I thought, ‘That’s nice. I’m committed to eating for my health but that weight loss thing – that’s not going to work for me. I’m not getting all hopeful about THAT! I’ve been down this weight loss road too many times to believe it could be easy.”

I thought I was unique and it wouldn’t work on me – just like I thought I was somehow strangely immune to the anesthetic.

I was wrong. It did work on me. Just like the drugs they use to knock you out – it works on EVERYONE.

Along the road I discovered that I was actually unique – just not in the way I thought – in a smallest-nostrils-I’ve-ever-seen kind of way. I was just the same as everyone else in that it would work for me (Eat to optimize your health = get to and maintain ideal weight). I was unique unto myself in that I had to tweak things to suit my particular life, taste and circumstances.

Everyone will run into this. Trust me – you are going to have some sort of super small nostril thing that is unique to you. You can choose to let it derail you OR you can embrace your inner, nerdy anesthetist and revel in your differences. Unique doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Sometimes the challenge doesn’t come from knowing WHAT you need to do to optimize your health (and lose weight). It comes from figuring out HOW to do it in your unique set of circumstances.

I am here to help.

The results you want are within your grasp. If you want to spend 45 minutes talking with me about HOW to go about getting them, let’s do it. I offer this consultation for free.

You’ll get clarity on exactly what your small-nostril uniqueness is and an understanding of how to move forward – in a way that makes sense for you – so that you can achieve the health and weight loss results that you want.

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If I read a blog post like this I know what I would think – that call sounds really appealing but it’s really just about selling me something. (Actually the very first thing I would think would be – I desperately want to find a photo of you so I can check out your nostrils!)

Reboot with Real Foods is my business and the revenue for this business comes from having people enrolled in my paid program. And it is not unusual for someone to sign up for the program after a free consultation call. The program is the most effective and quickest way to get results. But I want to stress – it is absolutely no obligation at all! This consultation call is first and foremost about you and getting you that clarity on how to move forward.   

(And it is truly a win-win. I have never had a call where I didn’t learn some wonderful new enlightening nugget on the intricate relationship people have with food!)

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