Never Say Never

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What you like and don't like is not set in stone. Even if you have a physical reaction. Eating broccoli used to make me really sick. Not anymore...

You Have the Smallest Nostrils I’ve Ever Seen

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The way to lose weight and be in the best possible health is straight forward AND WORKS FOR EVERYONE. The details on how to make it work for you are unique. Just because something is SIMPLE doesn't mean it will be EASY. But just because there is something UNIQUE about you that creates its own set of CHALLENGES doesn't mean that you can't make this simple approach work. YOU CAN.

What Supplements Should You Be Taking

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There is an awful lot of confusing information about what supplements you should be taking to make sure you are meeting good nutritional requirements, to maximize your ability to prevent disease, that promote good brain health, good gut health etc... There are a whole slew of supplements that leverage the natural weight loss and anti-aging properties of plants. Which ones really work? What should you be taking?

It Really Can Just ‘Melt Off’

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When it comes to weight loss - there is an old way and there is a new way. I've done both. The old way is hard and it doesn't work. I spent more than ten years learning this. The new way melts off the pounds - and they stay off. And delivers the most amazing gifts of energy and glowing good health at the same time.

Why You Should Keep Going

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When it comes to making a successful shift into optimal eating - most people give up just when things are about to get really good. It's not because they are quitters or don't have the grit to stick with it.