How to eat so you can lose weight and be vibrant in your life and business.

I totally get it (because I have been there) – and these are the things I was feeling…

You DO eat healthy and it just doesn’t seem to make a difference. You’ve tried buying organic. Eating gluten free. Always choosing low fat. You deny yourself things that everyone else seems to be eating ALL THE TIME and it just doesn’t work for you. You feel hungry. You have cravings. Any weight you lose comes right back on again.

* * *

You’ve tried every kind of diet. You start by following the restrictive guidelines closely. It works for awhile but it’s not realistic to eat like that forever and the old ways come slipping back in. Vigilant measuring and calorie counting is tedious and soul destroying to sustain.   

You know the kinds of food you should be cutting out but when you are tired, grumpy, frazzled, stressed and feeling pulled in 14 different directions – you don’t have any willpower left. It’s like you have an evil food mistress that you just can’t say no to.

* * *

Or, when you are out having fun with friends and family – you don’t want to be the one that is sanctimoniously abstaining. ‘You can’t live your whole life without eating french fries,’ you say to yourself as you start careening down the slippery slope…

* * *

You feel self conscious in work and social situations. You feel like if you could just get more comfortable with yourself you would have so much more confidence. You would be able to reach out and grab opportunities instead of shrinking away from them.

You aren’t just feeding yourself. Maybe if it was just you, you could stick to a regimen of salads and vegetables but your family would go into full-scale revolt. So you either have to cook 2 separate meals or just eat what the rest of the family is eating. And then feel guilty that you aren’t sticking to your diet.

* * *

You live in a perpetual time crunch where there is never enough time to do everything you want to. You are the Uber driver & detail tracker for the family’s activities. All the household chores still need to get done. The few minutes you can carve out for ‘me’ time – you don’t necessarily want to spend prepping food in the kitchen. You have to do all of this AND run a business!? Sometimes you need to rely on quick, convenient solutions. 


Clean up your eating and get off the diet roller coaster once and for all. Learn how to eat, guilt free, in a way that will bring you amazing results. In this 8 week program you will work 1:1 with a coach with laser focus on YOUR unique lifestyle, family & needs.


Together we’ll set up a plan for you, your goals and your routine SO YOU CAN run your business, not worry about food decisions and optimally feed yourself and your family. Not to mention – look and feel AMAZING!

At the end of the program you’ll:

Lose weight, have increased energy & be in better health. BUT WHAT DOES THIS ACTUALLY MEAN IN YOUR LIFE??

~ Have confidence knowing the weight you lose is not a temporary result – no more yo-yoing

~ Have vibrant energy to show up and shine in your business and socially

~ Have the tools and strategies in place to easily avoid eating unhealthy food

~ Have freedom from calorie counting and meticulous measuring of food

~ Have peace of mind knowing that you are feeding your family food that will optimally nourish them and keep them in the best health

~ Nail the habits and skills that will make it AUTOMATIC to eat optimally so that you don’t even need to think about.

~ Banish indecision at meal & snack times with a delicious repertoire of recipes and cooking strategies – specifically for you and your family

~ Look forward to mealtimes, and eating AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, guilt free


So you are probably wondering – what is this all about? What’s the secret sauce? Will it work for me!!?

What WILL WORK for you may be quite different than what will work for someone else. Everyone has a unique relationship with food. This 1:1 coaching program will be customized to your very specific needs. If you are a good fit for the program – we will work together to build a system for you so you can lose weight and show up in your life and business with vibrant, confident energy.

If you think this program might be a good fit for you then the next step is to book a discovery call. By learning more about your lifestyle and your habits, I can take better care of you and make sure coaching is a good fit for your goals and individual needs.

At the end of the call you will have clarity on your next steps – regardless of whether we make the mutual decision to work together or not.


Program Creator & Your Coach – Justine Brown

I am a veteran of the diet roller coaster. I’ve lost and gained back the same 20 pounds multiple times. I know exactly how frustrating and discouraging that can be! Discovering the methods behind the Reboot with Real Foods program changed everything for me – and it will do the same for you as well.

You’ll be working closely with a coach who has BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. My KNOWLEDGE is going to provide you with the information you’ll need and my EXPERIENCE is going to make you succeed.

This Reboot program is not just another temporary fix. It’s a lifestyle change that is going to stick! You’re going to lose the weight and keep it off.

I’m so looking forward to working with you.
All the best


Real Life Results

“Justine takes great care in adapting her program to you.  Finding out what you like, dislike, your knowledge of cooking, even your technology comfort level.  She is a great support and teacher.  I feel like she taught me how to cook in many ways. She’ll even adapt your favorites for you and find healthier ways to prepare them!
I’ve never cared much for vegetables. I never thought being a vegetarian or vegan were even possibilities for me – I’d just end up eating bread all the time. She has me eating vegetables, cooking, and eating very little animal products.  I have shifted to the new food pyramid and am eating mostly fruits and vegetables.  She’s amazing.”

“Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I didn’t know I could eat so much fresh food and enjoy it so much. I feel GOOD. Your informative video guidance was fantastic and comforting, and I loved the routine you set us up with.

Energy has been the best I’ve had in a long time! Thanks so much for this program – lots of veggies I never really bought before have become accessible in your delicious and creative recipes.”


“You are helping me by encouraging me to find what tastes good to me rather than force myself to eat something because I made it and it is healthy and it shouldn’t go to waste. I know this is key to me continuing this after our time together is over.”


What Does the Program Look Like?

The program is 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching.

Material will be delivered through 1:1 coaching, video, shared files and PDF’s. Each week of the program has a module associated to it.

Each module will include:

  • A 1:1 coaching call so we can make sure this is working FOR YOU.
  • Meal plans, recipes, grocery lists* – think of it as a decision vacation in the kitchen as you master the strategies in a new way of eating.
  • Demo videos on cooking techniques, batch prepping and specific recipe demos.
  • Information videos & tool downloads that will build your knowledge and tool kit so that you can cement habits that will last for a lifetime.
  • Tracking tools so that you can get the momentum that comes from measuring your success.

Throughout the program you will have access to email support for questions that come up on a day to day basis.

*As we progress through the 8-week program, we will transition from having meal plans fully done for you to a done-with-you approach. This is to ensure that at the end of the program you can smoothly transition into continuing on your own.

A Note about the Recipes:

The majority of the recipes have been developed specifically for this program. They are whole food, primarily plant based recipes that are easy to make and optimized for the MOST IMPORTANT criteria – to taste delicious. Many of the recipes have a demo video with information on how to customize them for you and your family.