It loves you back. 

What is healthy eating exactly – and how do you make it DELICIOUS?

The Magic of Nutrition = Thriving in Good Health + Excellent Quality of Life + Ideal Weight


How do you get these results? What do you need to do? How do you get started – and then, most importantly, stick with it!


What’s covered: What you should be eating. How to manage the logistics. The this-actually-works strategy for making a good intention into a real behaviour. (It’s definitely NOT about will power and deprivation – BOO!! – think FOOD JOY instead)

Reboot with Real Foods Program

This program gives you the tools you need to fall in love with healthy eating, glow with vibrant energy and melt off stubborn pounds. You can cut out the confusion, overwhelm and discouraging set-backs. Instead – you can fast track to all the benefits of eating for joy and good health.

This is what REBOOTERS have to say about the program.

“I felt like you were holding my hand every step of the way, making everything easy. You don’t feel like you are giving up anything on this program.”

– Jackie Parkin

“I was at my wit’s end trying to do things on my own. This program has changed my life.”

– Jodi Fenton

“100% I would recommend the investment in this program. It is the real deal. I love incorporating the new day to day habits in my life.”

– Belinda Clemmensen

“It always feels like I am treating myself to an amazing meal. The scale is drifting down instead of up.”

– Catherine Smith


The last Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

Full of Beans: Thriving in Glorious Good Health
Party Food: Guilt Free and Delish
Get the Most Out of Your Instant Pot
The World’s Best Soup Recipes



I’m so ready to ditch the yo-yo diet approach. I want to try something that is going to make me feel amazing and I WILL STICK WITH.  I’m intrigued by the idea of eating more plant based but… I feel overwhelmed about what to make!?

I’ve tried to make this work but all the food I make ends up tasting the same – and it makes my throat close after awhile. 

If I’m mostly eating plants, am I just going to be hungry all the time? Do I have to eat salad all day? What the hell can I eat?

I don’t have time to spend hours and hours in the kitchen every night.

There’s no way my partner/spouse/kids will give up meat and cheese. I don’t want to cook two separate meals. What can I do?

What do I do when I am out?

I am a sucker for my cravings – I know I shouldn’t eat junk food (obviously!!) but I can’t resist.

No matter what I try  – I can’t lose weight. Even when I spend hours at the gym. Is this going to be any different?

How will I know I am getting enough protein – and getting all the things my body needs to be healthy. Calcium? Iron? Vitamin B12?

I don’t want to be a vegan!



We’ll spend 45 minutes talking about you. At the end, you will have a clear strategy laid out on how to successfully make a whole food, plant based lifestyle work FOR YOU. This initial call is free.

What People Have to Say

“The Reboot with Real Foods program is a shining star for me. This program allows me to achieve results without intense sacrifice. For me, Reboot with Real Foods in a simple, refreshing and delicious view into all the wonderful foods we can eat for optimal health and it falls easily into my lifestyle.

Persistent cravings were forever lurking around the next corner, ready to pounce and hijack every last one of my good intentions, planning and investment in my quest for a healthier me. I always thought it was my lack of willpower which would derail my best efforts. I often felt out of control which was extremely disempowering. Reboot with Real Foods and the ever-present support from Justine has taught me otherwise which is a magnificent step towards my health and fitness goals.

With the proper amount of quality nutrients provided through whole plant-based foods, my body receives only what it needs for incredible performance. The cravings are gone and I no longer endure what I always interpreted as a lack of self control. My malfunctioning signalling system used to set off unmanageable cravings and false hunger cues. Now my system is working properly and it delivers the true cues for what my body needs.

The program is super easy to follow, the food is incredibly tasty and I am always satiated with the abundance of whole plant-based foods I can eat. It was easy to adjust the recipes to fit into hectic days which contributed to my success. An unusual work week or unexpected events in my life were once reasons to set me off track however those obstacles have also been removed from my world.

Thank you for teaching me that to reach optimal health, it is not the monumental and nearly unachievable task that I once believed it was. Eat well and the rest fits nicely into place.”


“Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I didn’t know I could eat so much fresh food and enjoy it so much. I feel GOOD. Your informative video guidance was fantastic and comforting, and I loved the routine you set us up with.

Energy has been the best I’ve had in a long time! Thanks so much for this program – lots of veggies I never really bought before have become accessible in your delicious and creative recipes.”


I would like to thank you for taking me on this journey of discovering an incredibly healthy way of eating.  Your plan has introduced me to so many new and exciting recipes and products.  Never would I have dreamt of eating so many chickpeas and lentils 😱🤧!

You seem to have thought of everything.  I loved the informative modules and videos.

Meal plans were well put together with good variety.  One of the best take away from the ten weeks was batch prepping!  I am loving Sunday’s in the kitchen (although my sewing is suffering 😉), country music and cooking are a great combination! 

Daily reminders and strategies were good reinforcement.  I was sorry to have missed some of the coaching calls, life just kept getting in the way☹️

Going into this adventure I thought eliminating eggs and cheese would kill me, I have survived!  I was pretty sure giving up meat would not be an issue and it hasn’t.  I haven’t had cravings (generally it would have been for sugar), and if I do I am reaching for more fruit or red peppers and tomatoes.  I do believe my taste buds have changed somewhat, I know I never would have attempted a bite into an 85% cacao bar before.

Eating out has been creative!  It definitely has its challenges, but there always seems to be something to order.  I have my own “special” at Family Place now, a couple of my friends, including Jodi, are enjoying it as well. 

I am still struggling to keep warm, but I have lost weight, my hair has changed (seems like more body and wave), my body does not ache after my long runs and I just feel so much better.

I would totally recommend your program, exceptional attention to so many details and  invaluable support.  Whole foods, plant based, best of all no supplements !  Life changing for sure😊

Thank you, thank you, thank you 😘😘😘😘


Justine Brown

Program Creator & Your Coach – Justine Brown, BA, B.Ed

I’m a graduate of the certificate course from eCornell in PLANT BASED NUTRITION. I am PASSIONATE about FOOD and love showing people delicious ways to prepare food. And I am trained as a TEACHER.

But what does that mean for the Rebooters that go through my program? It means that I am an expert at breaking down exactly WHAT you should be doing and showing you HOW to do it in ways that will make you superstar successful – without the overwhelm.

I love working with other women who tend to be like me – busy lives, busy children, family members that aren’t particularly enthused about a switch to a plant-based lifestyle, a strong desire to be as healthy as possible while still fully embracing the joy in life (and that definitely includes a glass of wine on the weekend for me!) Check out the videos and testimonials above. I care deeply for every single Rebooter in my program 🙂

I am a veteran of the diet roller coaster. I’ve lost and gained back the same 20-25 pounds multiple times. I know exactly how frustrating and discouraging that can be! Discovering the methods behind the Reboot with Real Foods program changed everything for me – and it will do the same for you as well. Even though my journey started with a weight loss goal I discovered so much more than just that. I don’t really give a crap about my weight anymore (doesn’t that sound obnoxious!!) because the way I eat now automatically puts me where I want to be and I don’t need to even think about it. I get to think about how INCREDIBLY good and full of energy I feel instead.

This Reboot program is not just another temporary fix. It is the end-product of proven strategies that I have developed over years of testing and implementing. It’s a lifestyle change that is going to stick! You’re going to feel outrageously healthy! You’re going to build STRONG NEW HABITS. You’re going to love the food you are eating – even if that sounds IMPOSSIBLE to you right now! If weight loss is one of your goals – you’re going to lose the weight and keep it off.

I’m so looking forward to working with you.
All the best



We’ll spend 45 minutes talking about you. At the end, you will have a clear strategy laid out on how to successfully make a whole food, plant based lifestyle work FOR YOU. This initial call is free.