Eating for optimal health should bring you FOOD JOY.

Not make you feel like you are in food jail.

Justine’s program is life-changing. She's done all of the research and heavy lifting for us. What that means is that eating whole food, plant based is now simple and easy. It's delicious, satisfying and enjoyable. It is stress and anxiety free.  And to top it all off, Justine is amazing, incredibly kind and helpful. She will guide you through the entire process. 

May I help you find your Food Joy?

I send weekly newsletters that focus on practical, real-world, sustainable changes that make a difference. Get inspired with hope, laughter and time-saving, delicious ideas.

My goal: You read it and think - I can do that!

 Here’s what you won’t get from me: overwhelming + confusing info on the latest and greatest superfoods, a barrage of recipes you will feel guilty about not making, terrifying stories about how the food (that you always thought was good for you) is actually the root of all disease…

The premise is pretty simple...

Eat whole food that comes from plants and be in control of your own health destiny.

Regular ‘ole food that you get from the produce section of your grocery store consistently beats out the leading medications for the chronic lifestyle diseases that make getting older a terrifying prospect. 

Not only does food work better - it doesn’t bring along a truckload of unpleasant side effects and complications. Instead it throws in bonuses like vibrant energy, effortless weight loss, less aches and pains.   

Food gets right in there and fixes the root problem, instead of half-heartedly treating symptoms. Team food all the way!!

All you need to do...

Just banish meat, dairy, oil, 99% of restaurant food, and pretty much all of the packaged food in the aisles of the grocery store.

Replace familiar old food-friends with unfamiliar grains and beans and so many endless vegetables that you’re thinking about changing your name to Peter Rabbit.

Easy-peasy, right? Not.  

These changes impact every corner of your life: at

  • Home
  • Work
  • Hanging with friends
  • Traveling
  • Your family dynamics…

Not to mention some dramatic adjustments to your bathroom routines.

It quickly adds up to overwhelming. You don’t need that.

So how are you going to get the freedom of being in amazing health?

Without feeling like the nutty vegan in the corner!

There’s a beautiful clean approach: 
Instead of trying to do everything perfectly, all at once - break it down into bite size pieces (pun intended). Each one lovingly flavored with food joy.

And I can show you how!

I needed to do something before I lost the battle I was engaged in! 

As soon as I started following the steps you laid out, I began to see my energy return, my brain fog diminish, actually waking up feeling rested and I was more emotionally stable. My spikes and drops in blood sugar are less severe and less often, my cholesterol has dropped noticeably, my blood pressure is normal without meds. 

The Core Habits have become second nature, making this sustainable for the rest of my life.

Here's how to work with me.

Stop dreading doctor's appointments, worrying you are lazy, grimly deciding to get back on track. Start getting the results you want (with a side order of Food Joy).      

Reboot with Real Foods Program

Have complete confidence that you will never look back - whole food, plant based eating, optimal weight and food joy are here to stay!

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Don't want to dive right into a program yet?

Here are some ways to explore my approach for free...     

What should a day of eating look like?

I've put together a workshop, live from my kitchen, that shows you exactly what to eat in a day - with real food, in the right proportions.  This is a really helpful tool in your journey for Food Joy and WFPB eating. It's free. It's just under 60 minutes. 

Get access here and watch it whenever (and however often) as you like.

Plant Based Eating Guide

My Whole Food, Plant Based Eating Transition Guide

This is a step-by-step approach that takes into account the real world and keeps your eye on the prize - the amazing health results without sacrificing Food Joy.

Grab your free copy here.

I'm Justine.

I specialize in helping people transition into eating whole food, plant based. Knowing WHAT to eat is one thing - understanding HOW to make it actually work in the real world - well that's where the details quickly lead to overwhelm.

My approach is based on years of experience and working with hundreds of women. I understand how to break the journey down into bite-sized pieces (pun intended) that leave plenty of space for real-world stuff - like having other interests beyond full-time chopping, family and friends who may not be quite so keen, food restrictions, travel, special occasions, an on-again-off-again relationships with chips...

I believe in food joy, imperfection, fun. I know that every single person has a unique relationship with food and I never take that lightly. I would be honored to become a part of your food joy journey.


I now am able to know exactly how and why this works for me

I am so pleased with the education and support I have received from Justine. It’s exactly what I was needing and hoping it would be. After struggling with plant based eating for about a year I now am able to know exactly how and why this works for me. 

It’s easy and workable. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Justine.

Curious to see the types of resources I offer in my weekly newsletter? Here's an example...

Use this trick to make the dreaded kale feel like an old friend. 

 Instead of making promises to yourself about getting started (or back on track) when the time is right, just jump in and see what small changes you can make right now.

One of my favorite tricks of all times is a way to get in leafy greens one small ‘pinch’ at a time. I’ve got a short video that shows you how it works. You can watch it here.