Get Sustainable Life Changing Health Results

IMPORTANT: Start with watching the video to find out more about the incredible impact eating can have on your quality of life. 


 Would you like to start seeing all the incredible health and quality of life benefits from eating whole food, plant based in just a few weeks?

Get there quickly and efficiently with the Reboot with Real Foods Program.

There is no need to feel stressed or overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out on your own. 

All you have to do is follow the path laid out for you. 


I'm here to help you find your FOOD JOY so you can...

  • Get the Amazing Health Benefits of Eating the Most Evidence-Based Way WITHOUT Feeling Overwhelmed

  •  Get rid of aches and pains, brain fog, extra weight and feel Active and Full of Energy

  •  Learn the simple Prep and Planning Techniques So You Can Feel Free and Independent and spend your time how YOU want.

  • Improve Your Health So You Can Live Longer With a Better Quality of Life

  •  Know all the tricks for making your food Taste Delicious

  •  Have complete confidence that you Get In Everything You Need every day. 

  • Stop Downloading Hundreds of Recipes - and Get Kitchen Confidence!

So what EXACTLY is included in this program?


The only program to walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to go beyond WHAT you should be eating to the big question; HOW to make it work - in real life?!

The program takes you through:

  • What you need to know to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need to thrive in good health
  • Practical and straight forward cooking techniques so you can get excited about how good your food can will taste
  • Proven strategies to pull it off without spending your life chopping, in the kitchen.

You will receive Free Lifetime Access so you can revisit the course material as often as you want. It’ll never disappear. You will have daily access to me as coach for 6 months. 


This program is not based on the latest diet trend. Nor will it release an avalanche of overwhelming information on you. I take the scientific evidence, filter out all the confusing noise, and make it actionable for you.


Access program materials anywhere, anytime, from any device to simplify learning. Go at your own pace, so you can still be gaining health even when life gets busy. Even those who aren't good with technology find it easy to use. If you can open an email and click a button... you can do this. It's that easy.


It's all the decisions around food that can be SO exhausting. Have you ever felt like - 'I just want someone to tell me what to eat!'? I am going to lift the burden of all those decisions off your shoulders so you don't have to spend your energy trying to figure everything out on your own. You will be able to focus on healing and rebooting and building new habits while getting a culinary tour through all the different and delicious cooking techniques.

And the most valuable thing we do together - I'm going to show you how you can RETAKE CONTROL of the decision-making process in a way that is not overwhelming. The opposite - in a way that gives you the kind of freedom that ONLY comes from making a truly successful lifestyle shift!


I’m going to teach you how to create Low Effort Meals using the Building Block System so that you do not need to feel like you spend your life downloading recipes and prepping. You’ll get your freedom back to spend your time how YOU want to. 


  • You will receive weekly material (videos, downloads, grocery and food prep instructions) that allows you to concentrate on building one particular skill set. 
  • The skill sets are laid out so that as you master one, it is a natural progression to move onto the next. 
  • Once you have worked your way through the system of skill sets you will find yourself eating whole food, plant based automatically, without anxiety or overwhelm. And without feeling that you are in constant danger of slipping back into old, unhealthy ways of eating.
  • You have lifetime access to these tools.

These easy-to-use resources to will keep you organized and make it simple to track your progress. Together we will build a totally customized repertoire of go-to meals that cover the full range of quick meals for yourself  - all the way to elaborate holiday feasts. This is a one-stop resource that we’ll be building together, that will make planning a breeze, whether you are at home or traveling. 


This is not the sort of program where you are given a whack of material and then left on your own to navigate your way through it. 

I’m going to be there, walking beside you, answering questions, making you laugh, talking you out of trying to be perfect, giving you the support you need on the hard days, and making sure that you never feel like you have to try to pull this off on your own!

  • There are 5 in-person coaching sessions each week where you have direct access to me.  
  • There is a private support group where you can ask questions and get answers between our in-person coaching sessions. 


I host 'Food Joy Clinics'  twice a week where we’ll take what’s in the core tools and make sure it’s applied to your specific situation, customize it where necessary and make sure you are finding the ease and food joy you are looking for.

We have a weekly 'Dinner Club' - a live hands-on planning session where we build out your weekly plan together. This dreaded 'meal planning' chore is turned into a fun session that delivers a realistic plan that ensures you have everything you need for a week of food joy - perfectly customized to your time, schedule and food preferences. 

A weekly in-person 'Kitchen Party'. The core material of the program includes extensive cooking videos and step by step instructions. The Kitchen Party will be an opportunity for you to ask specific cooking questions and get hands on demos. Everything from knife skill demos to best ways to adjust flavors on the fly. It's like having direct chef access for the best way to get food joy.

A weekly 'Weight Loss Support Group'. The main focus of the Reboot program is to build sustainable healthy eating habits. Eating to gain exceptional health is the same way you should eat to get to/maintain your healthy weight. For some folks - that happens effortlessly. And for others, even when the health results start delivering their delightful results, the weight loss part is slow. This support group will be an opportunity to get both accountability and personalized coaching. The tools and strategies to jump start or speed up weight loss will be 100% inline with what is ideal for your health.    


Can't make any of the live coaching sessions? Not to worry... I always offer a replay to watch at your convenience.


The Food Joy Clinics, Dinner Club, Kitchen Parties and Weight Loss Support Groups are deliberately intimate so that all participants will have the opportunity to have their question directly answered. 


There is a huge difference between trying to do this on your own and being part of a group of like-minded women who share the same hopes and frustrations. Being able to share a laugh, celebrate a success or get reassurance from someone that is going through the same thing you are can be the difference in sticking with it and giving up.

The program is set up to foster relationships between the participants. You don't have to do this alone!


It's one thing to eat optimally in your own home with a routine in place - and quite another to accommodate Holidays, travel, visitors, and social engagements. 

  • We're not going to ignore these real world realities. The program includes tools to navigate all the disruptions in routine that have the potential to derail your core habits. 
  • We'll also be covering how to eat while traveling and going out for meals in a way that doesn't make you feel like the nutty vegan in the corner while still optimizing your health.


You’ll have all your questions answered and your path customized for you in a 1:1 onboarding call to kickstart your path to loving food that has you thriving in good health.

The ultimate goal is to automatically eat food that is going to have you thriving in good health - and to blissfully ignore the food that will make you unhealthy and unhappy.

Start Getting Results with a Side Order of Food Joy

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What makes this program different?

A holistic approach - or as I like to call it, my FOOD JOY FORMULA.

Foundation Food Certainty + Kitchen Freedom + Delicious Taste

It doesn't matter how hard you try to 'eat healthy' if you aren't eating the right things. Having Food Certainty and knowing what to eat is vital. But so many resources stop there - with the 'WHAT' knowledge and not the 'HOW' details you need to actually go about making it work! This can lead to epic recipe downloads, cupboards and fridges full of unused ingredients, hours spent on dishes that no one wants to eat, stress over trying to keep track of it all...

In my Reboot program understanding what to eat is only the first part of the Food joy Formula. I also show you HOW to make it work in real life. 

I take you through a step by step process that instills core habits so that you eat the right things in a straight forward, consistent and totally reliable way. The Low Effort Meals, that become your staples, create Kitchen Freedom. You don't have to spend an unbalanced amount of time planning, tracking, worrying about or prepping food. 

If you have ever dreaded the question - 'what's for dinner?'... you can ditch that dread for good!

There remains one very important piece to guarantee Food Joy. 

The reality is that even if you know exactly what to eat and have the slickest system on the planet for making it easy - you're not going to stick with it if you have to force yourself to eat unappealing dishes three times a day because they are 'good for you'. Here's is the best news ever - eating for health can taste absolutely delicious! I'm going to show you how to prepare food so that you look forward to every meal you eat. 

Here's what successful Rebooters have to say about what makes the program different:

Ready to jump in?

If you'd like to speak in person about how this program can change your life...

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You don't have to do this alone.

And it doesn't need to be frustrating or overwhelming. Together we will make sure you make a sustainable change in your lifestyle that is built around: 

1. Foundational Food Certainty - you'll never need to be stressed about whether you are eating the right thing or not. 

2. Kitchen Freedom - you'll have the skills that make planning and organizing painless - and the invaluable skill of always being able to pull off Low Effort meals.  

3. Taste Delicious - you'll understand exactly how to make your food taste delicious without expensive or exotic ingredients - and without having to be an expert chef.  

When you have this dialed in - you get RESULTS!

Eating whole food, plant based delivers amazing health RESULTS

The question is - what kind of results do you want? 

Results can come quickly or they can come slowly and reluctantly.

Results can be fleeting or they can stick around for good.

Results can take epic amounts of effort or they can come from simple tweaks that can be naturally folded into your day to day routines.

In the Reboot with Real Foods Program you can expect to see results that show up quickly and stick around for good. The process that delivers the results is simple to implement. 

Here's what Rebooters have to say about their results: 

The Reboot Program delivers quick results

Results that stick around for good instead of slipping away.

Results can come from simple changes.

Ready to be a Successful Rebooter and get those results for yourself?

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This is what the science says:

Eating whole food, plant based and oil free leads to living longer and feeling just fine, thank you very much.

Fit as a fiddle, sharp as a tack.

With incredible perks like: looking fabulous, not being on expensive medications, having the energy to follow your dreams…

Every credible leading scientific expert will tell you that these miraculous sounding results are perfectly achievable. Just eat whole food, plant based and oil free (WFPBOF as the kids are calling it). And boom. You’re there. 

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Seriously... isn't this a no-brainer? 

If it is, then I spent YEARS having no brain! I made it so complicated. Oh the things I have done to feel young and healthy and thin...

  • how much money I have spent
  • what ghastly concoctions I have swallowed
  • what snake oil supplements I stockpiled
  • what torturous exercise and eating regimes I have followed

A multi-bazillion dollar industry suggests I’m not alone :)

Why do we do it? Put ourselves through it? Spend all that money if... all we have to do is eat WFPBOF? 

Because eating WFBPOF - in a way that delivers those sustainable results - can feel HARDER than the alternatives. Even the expensive torturous ones...

And that's not all...

There is the added sting of betrayal and self doubt that comes from the dawning realization that something that sounded so easy and straight forward is so:

  • confusing
  • lonely
  • slow
  • complicated
  • and tastes kind of gross...

It’s like being banished to stand outside in the rain, looking through a window to a cheerfully lit, warm and inviting restaurant full of happy laughing people eating whatever they feel like and thinking - I’m never allowed to go in there again…

The day to day hardship of trying to adhere to this way of eating just doesn’t feel worth it. 

What if it doesn't need to be this hard?

Imagine this...

What if I could pull the rug out from under all the things that make it hard? And show you a different way to get the results without the unnecessary hardships?

No, I don't know some secret vegan code that makes it miraculously easy to eat WFPBOF. I'm not going to manipulate your hope and frustration pretending there is! 

What I have is a step by step process that teaches you how to eat WFPBOF in a way that is:

  • simple
  • entirely customized to your life 
  • tastes delicious


Book a call to see if this is exactly what you have been looking for.  

Ready to jump in?

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Who You Will Be Working With

My name is Justine Brown and I specialize in helping women transition into eating whole food, plant based.

I believe that the best of all worlds is possible: fabulous tasting food can be the strongest ally women have when taking control of their own health destiny. 

It is my personal mission to help as many people as I possibly can find their food joy in eating whole food, plant based. I love showing the path to making it so much easier.

I'm a graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program at the Center for Nutritional Studies. I'm a certified Plant-Based Cook through the Rouxbe Cooking School. I am an experienced coach, passionate about helping women find their food joy.

The Program Investment

The program investment is $2,975. There are customizable payment plans available. 

Real World Experiences from the Reboot with Real Foods Program Community

Naomi was struggling with how to take all her knowledge around the benefits of eating whole food, plant based and apply it to 'real life'.

Gay feels like she has made the step over the border between having an aspiration and being able to realize it.

Faye knew 'what' she needed to do but was struggling with 'how' to make it work in her life. 

Vicki wanted to 'Feel better and not obsess about food'.

Food Experiences in the Reboot Program

What it is Like to Work with Justine


Dana McDougall

It is Justine's words, support, and friendly and accepting tone that I hear in my head every time I've had a setback with food. I know that by following her advice, I won't be white-knuckling through cravings in order to feed myself in a way that maximizes health. I simply won't want most of the things that lend themselves to uncontrolled eating. 

Jane Wolfe

I have been following Justine and her program for almost two years and it has been an amazing journey into plant-based eating. What is truly exceptional is her commitment to all the individuals in the program as well as after their initial program has finished. So many references, recipes, motivational and educational videos and live chats. My now healthy body thanks you.

Suzanne Willet

I've gone from a rare steak smothered with blue cheese loving eater to embracing beans (and fruit, veggies, grains). Justine breaks it down for you in bite size (WFPB) pieces. I've never been hungry. I don't miss meat, eggs OR cheese. I enjoy the diversity of what I eat. I haven't felt this good in a long time. 

Jennifer was feeling sluggish

Jennifer is a Naturopathic Doctor who described herself as someone who had all the background info for what kind of changes she needed to make - but was finding it really difficult to actually make them.


Nancy was concerned about whether it would work for her...

Nancy was interested in eating whole food, plant based for her long term health and for weight loss. She had bariatric surgery ten years before we started working together. Her concern was whether she would be able to make this work - both in managing the volume of food and the possibility for pain and discomfort. We worked together to make this work for her - and have an extremely successful transition.


Celeste Fugazzotto

I have so enjoyed the program thus far… I feel better, my skin is plumper and clear looking… I also love not having to figure out what to eat for the week…. Just follow along… nicely done!

Samantha Pollington

Justine cares about teaching you how to eat whole foods, plant based with minimal oil!!! She is passionate about the whole process and is there to help you. It is not a fad diet. It is a way of living!!! She shares her own journey and is walking the walk!!! Amazing program!!! So grateful I had the opportunity to learn from Justine and all the fb Rebooters too. A heartfelt Thank you!!!

Terri Rodriguez

After the program I am excited to carry on and confident using the  tools and guilt free - we deserve to love what we eat, life is far too short to be on a restricted crazy diet. We have sailed through this month and more than once my husband has said ‘this is definitely the best you have cooked so far’.

Client Experiences

Marilyn Corrigan

The great news I have now lost 12 pounds . You can't imagine the joy I felt this morning. I spent the afternoon walking and talking and coffee-ing with one of my dearest friends. She told me I looked the best I have in years !  I told her I feel the best as well.

Christine Brown

As much as it has been about improvements to my physical health, Reboot has guided me to a place of evolution in my own self-regard and emotional well-being.

Ellen Shapiro

Justine's recipes taught me that there are amazing flavors and dishes - and that I can make them. No Oil- super big for me to navigate around that but now I’m a believer. My cravings have really been drastically reduced!

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