The science has spoken: eating whole food that comes from plants is the most surefire way to have the freedom and independence that comes from being in excellent health. 

What if it didn't need to be so hard?

If you feel like it is taking all your energy to try figure this out, you're sick of thinking and worrying about food all the time, not enjoying the food you are making, spending way too much time prepping food, drowning in a sea of recipes (and still not sure what to make)... time to say - ENOUGH.

The Reboot with Real Foods program breaks down exactly what you can do to go from overwhelm to CALM CONFIDENCE and SIMPLICITY.


This is important...

You CAN eat whole food, plant based
in a way that brings you FOOD JOY.

When you have FOOD JOY then you have a sustainable lifestyle.

Why do you want to eat whole food, plant based?

 What brought you to where you are today on your food journey?

  • Was it all the compelling evidence that whole food, plant based is the best way to live a long and glorious life spent with the people you love? 
  • How about the stories about people having more energy and vitality than they ever imagined possible? 
  • Did it have to do with being able to eat in abundance and still drift effortlessly to your ideal weight?

All of the above?

If you were to achieve those results - would you want them to be temporary? 

Would they be worth it if you hated every bite you put in your mouth? 

How about if you couldn’t enjoy all that robust long life because you had to spend all your time prepping food or worrying about food?  

I have seen people who have achieved the ‘miracle’ medical results, the effortless weight loss - who have slipped right back into their old ways because without Food Joy - it’s just too hard.

When you have Food Joy it’s easy.

What it feels like to find Food Joy

Darlyne was feeling like she had done everything she could - and eating whole food, plant based just wouldn't work for her.

This could be you...

 My Reboot with Real Foods Program is a perfect fit for some women - and not for others. 

I only accept women into the program if I can say with 100% confidence that I can help them get the results they are looking for. There isn't a form or a quiz that I can give you to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

It comes down to a heart to heart conversation. We decide together whether the program is right for you.     


You don't need to settle for disappointing!

Jen was struggling with how to make eating in a way she knew she needed to for her health not feel like drudgery... here's what happened in her own words:

Finally I have the tools that are letting me internalize WFPBOF meal preparation. Before, I could look at a fridge full of ingredients and plan a traditional “meat and potatoes” farm meal in a mili-second, but I could not do the same for WFPBOF meals.

My attempts at WFPBOF meals were boring and disappointing, and I felt like I was always eating some version of the same thing, over and over. It was an endless struggle.

I could not do it well enough to eat well consistently.

Learning to prepare meals the Reboot for Real Foods way has eliminated the struggle and I’m now starting to be able to give myself the “Food Joy” I have always wanted. As I continue to move through the program, food is becoming easier and easier, and more and more delicious.


Make it easy on yourself...

At the end of the Reboot program - you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Say good-bye to food anxiety and hello to Food Joy.

Who You Will Be Working With

My name is Justine Brown and I specialize in helping women transition into eating whole food, plant based.

I believe that the best of all worlds is possible: fabulous tasting food can be the strongest ally women have when taking control of their own health destiny. 

It is my personal mission to help as many people as I possibly can find their food joy in eating whole food, plant based. I love showing the path to making it so much easier.

I'm a graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program at the Center for Nutritional Studies. I'm a certified Plant-Based Cook through the Rouxbe Cooking School. I am an experienced coach, passionate about helping women find their food joy.


It really doesn't have to be so hard!

Alice tried everything for TWELVE YEARS - and finally found success after just ten weeks.