Next Step: Speak in Person

Will the program work for you? We're not going to know until we speak in person and get an understanding of exactly what is going on in your life.

Use the calendar below to choose a time when you can talk without being disturbed. After choosing your time, I will ask you to answer a few questions to tell me a bit more about your situation so I can come to our call fully prepared.

This call is ideal for women that know that nutrition is the key to making the next half of their life the best half - and want to get specific about what is going on in their lives and want expert advice on how to make it work.   

Client Experiences

Dana McDougall

It is Justine's words, support, and friendly and accepting tone that I hear in my head every time I've had a setback with food. I know that by following her advice, I won't be white-knuckling through cravings in order to feed myself in a way that maximizes health. I simply won't want most of the things that lend themselves to uncontrolled eating. 

Jane Wolfe

I have been following Justine and her program for almost two years and it has been an amazing journey into plant-based eating. What is truly exceptional is her commitment to all the individuals in the program as well as after their initial program has finished. So many references, recipes, motivational and educational videos and live chats. My now healthy body thanks you.

Suzanne Willet

I've gone from a rare steak smothered with blue cheese loving eater to embracing beans (and fruit, veggies, grains). Justine breaks it down for you in bite size (WFPB) pieces. I've never been hungry. I don't miss meat, eggs OR cheese. I enjoy the diversity of what I eat. I haven't felt this good in a long time. 

Celeste Fugazzotto

I have so enjoyed the program thus far… I feel better, my skin is plumper and clear looking… I also love not having to figure out what to eat for the week…. Just follow along… nicely done!

Samantha Pollington

Justine cares about teaching you how to eat whole foods, plant based with minimal oil!!! She is passionate about the whole process and is there to help you. It is not a fad diet. It is a way of living!!! She shares her own journey and is walking the walk!!! Amazing program!!! So grateful I had the opportunity to learn from Justine and all the fb Rebooters too. A heartfelt Thank you!!!

Terri Rodriguez

After the program I am excited to carry on and confident using the  tools and guilt free - we deserve to love what we eat, life is far too short to be on a restricted crazy diet. We have sailed through this month and more than once my husband has said ‘this is definitely the best you have cooked so far’.

This call is for you if...


You want the true freedom and independence that comes from thriving in good health. A gift you can give yourself through the food you eat.

You are looking for FOOD JOY! You are friendly and coachable and have a sense of humor. 

You have determination, courage and an open heart to the idea of making changes in your food relationship. 

You see the value in working with a coach. 

Client Experiences

Marilyn Corrigan

The great news I have now lost 12 pounds . You can't imagine the joy I felt this morning. I spent the afternoon walking and talking and coffee-ing with one of my dearest friends. She told me I looked the best I have in years !  I told her I feel the best as well.

Christine Brown

As much as it has been about improvements to my physical health, Reboot has guided me to a place of evolution in my own self-regard and emotional well-being.

Ellen Shapiro

Justine's recipes taught me that there are amazing flavors and dishes - and that I can make them. No Oil- super big for me to navigate around that but now I’m a believer. My cravings have really been drastically reduced!

Justine Brown

Justine Brown specializes in helping women transition into eating whole food, plant based.

 Justine is best known for making ‘healthy’ food taste delicious and quick and efficient to prepare - and PASSIONATE about making that skill accessible to everyone.

She believes that the best of all worlds is possible: fabulous tasting food can be the strongest ally women have when taking control of their own health destiny.

Justine is a graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program at the Center for Nutritional Studies. She a certified Plant-Based Cook through the Rouxbe Cooking School.