Make Eating Plant-Based Simple and Delicious

It sounds so straightforward and simple until you actually try to do it, right?

The evidence is clear – the amazing results really are possible. When you know how to fit this into your lifestyle – that’s when POSSIBLE becomes a REALITY

There’s no point in making huge changes to the way you eat unless you are doing it right.
The whole point is to get the tremendous health benefits, right?
Or why waste all that time and energy?

This workshop starts with WHAT you need to eat and then breaks it down into HOW to actually make it work with YOUR LIFESTYLE.

What’s Covered in the Workshop

The pitfalls that are stopping you from getting the results you want. 

Crystal clear explanations and demos of what food you should be eating.  

The best strategies for how to make this shift as efficiently as possible without totally disrupting your life. 

The guidelines for how to make sure you are getting everything you need to thrive – and not unintentionally depriving yourself of essential nutrients.

Who is this for?

The vision you have for what you want to be doing with your life is at odds with how you feel in your body.

For example – you’d love to fill your retirement with interesting travel but you suffer from aches and pains in your joints, you feel tired all the time – and you just aren’t sure you are up for it. You’ve heard about the wonders of whole food, plant based eating but want some more concrete info on exactly what you need to do.

You’re excited by the science and you have some health issues that could be improved by making the switch into whole food, plant based eating – but you can’t make it work in your life. 

For example: You’ve watched the documentaries. You got excited about the possibilities. You gave it a try. And it was harder than you thought – and you didn’t really get the results you were hoping for. You wanted to see your cholesterol numbers drop and you wanted to lose some weight – and it didn’t happen and you suspect you may not have been doing it quite right. You want to keep trying but with a better strategy in place. 

You’ve been wanting to try this for awhile but can’t imagine what on earth you are supposed to eat and how you are supposed to cook without meat or dairy. It feels somewhere between impossible and terrifying. 

For example – you have yogurt each morning for breakfast and a nice lean chicken breast is your staple for dinner. You try to avoid carbs. You’ve always been told those choices were healthy and it feels like a pretty big leap to change everything. You want to find out exactly what is involved to see if you can imagine making it part of your lifestyle. 

If you know WHAT you should be eating but are struggling with HOW to make it work in your life –  this workshop has the answers you are looking for.


My name is Justine and I will be giving the workshop.

I love making ‘healthy’ food taste delicious and I’m passionate about making that skill accessible to everyone.

Showing people how to eat whole food, plant based in a way that truly changes their relationship with food is my mission.

I believe that the best of all worlds is possible: fabulous tasting food can be the best ally you have when taking control of your own health destiny.

Before I worked with Justine – I knew exactly what I needed to be doing – I just wasn’t doing it. She taught me how to live a whole food, plant based lifestyle. Now my brain is clearer. My memory is better. My joints are no longer aching. I don’t feel so congested or bloated.

Marilyn Corrigan

I had fallen into a pattern of self-neglect and eating was a huge contributing factor… Justine understood our struggles, our demons, our pitfalls and was brave enough to share her own.  I have reclaimed my love of food because I am making time to enjoy and appreciate how I am going to be nourishing my body.


I am a zero willpower person who could always find a reason to justify the cheat… We have sailed through this month and more than once my husband has said ‘this is definitely the best you have cooked so far’ – so nice to see him tucking into healthy meals and enjoying them. Justine has a realistic approach to eating and has definitely done her homework.